Other Legal Developments

SEC v. Kahlon, 5th Cir., filed 10/16/17: Court Upholds Lower Court’s Penalty of Permanent Injunction from Trading Penny Stocks.

United States v. Skelos, 2nd Cir.,filed 9/26/17: Reversal for Erroneous “Official Acts” Jury Instruction.

US v. Vergil George, 11th Cir., filed October 6, 2017: Defendant entitled to resentencing when district court failed to allow him to allocate before imposition of sentence.

Gray v. Ballard, 4th Cir., filed 2/8/17: When Newly-Discovered DNA Evidence is “Timely” for Tolling under AEDPA. Not Good News for Habeas Petitioners

United States v. Cedric Hayes, 7th Circuit, filed October 3, 2017: Enhancement Due to “Altered or Obliterated” Serial Numbers on Firearms

US v. $31,000 in US Currency, et al. (6th Circuit, filed 9/20/17), In this Asset Forfeiture Case, the Court Finds Dismissal of Challenge to Forfeiture Improper when Claimants Have Article III and Statutory Standing to Challenge. Also, Wow! The Government Arrogance in Just Taking Shit That Doesn’t Belong to Them and Then Complaining About It.

Browning v. Baker et al., 9th Circuit, filed 9/20/17: HABEAS WIN on Brady claim, and Trial Counsel Ineffectiveness re: Investigation.

United States v. Antonio Walter and Kenneth Bell, 7th Circuit, filed 8/29/17: REVERSAL based on Brady Violation

State v. Trenton Malik Barnes, filed 8/16/17, South Carolina Court of Appeals: Serious Issues Can Arise When Co-defendants Are Tried Together.

United States v. Ayika, 5th Cir. filed 9/14/16: Asset Forfeiture When Monies, Legitimate and Illegitimate, are Commingled, When Can the Government Seize Substitute Assets?